Wholesale Trustee

Wholesale Trustee

The SILC Group is an authorised licenced provider of independent wholesale trustee services.

The SILC Group provides wholesale trustee services to a diverse range of sponsors across a variety of asset classes including private credit, private equity, agriculture, infrastructure, real estate, equities, fixed income and fund of funds. Our team of experienced professionals provides a range of funds management and trustee services including:

Trustee Services for Wholesale Funds  
The SILC Group provides trustee services to unregistered wholesale schemes. We can assist with all aspects of establishing new unregistered wholesale funds, including producing trust and offer documents, appointing and managing external service providers such as legal and tax advisers and ensuring the trust adheres to legislative and regulatory requirements. The SILC Group can also assist with the appointment of responsible managers and compliance personnel for a fund, as well as all licencing and compliance matters.

Fund Administration
The SILC Group provide end-to-end fund administration functions including managing the fund’s trust bank accounts, fund accounting, client and investor reporting, unit pricing and registry services.

Compliance and Risk Governance
As the trustee of a fund, The SILC Group is responsible for the compliance and governance of the trust and will ensure that the trust operates within the confines of the law, the fund’s trust deed and the information memorandums.

Security Trustee and Facility Agent Services 
The SILC Group can act as security trustee and facility agent on behalf of a syndicate of lenders in corporate, project financing, infrastructure and securitisation transactions.

As security trustee and facility agent, we can undertake the following functions:

  • Managing all drawdown, repayment and rollover notices
  • Ensuring payment distributionss are executed promptly and accurately
  • Manage lender consents, waivers, facility amendments and approvals process
  • Organise and facilitate meetings, correspondence and requests between syndicated members, borrowers, legal advisers and other third party advisers, ensuring a facility continues to operate efficiently and cost effectively
  • Holding securities on trust for lenders
  • Undertake the role of payment agent in club loan facilities and calculating and remitting interest, commitment fees and principal payments

Managed Investment Trust Services
The SILC Group can assist in the establishment of managed investment trusts, a structure which is commonly utilised by international investors who do not have an established presence in Australia