Portfolio Solutions

Portfolio Solutions

The SILC Group provides a range of portfolio services to meet the unique needs of a variety of institutional and high net worth clients. These services range across general investment portfolio construction advice, developing bespoke fund solutions and creating funds management vehicles for offer to wholesale clients.

Portfolio Construction Advice

We are able to draw on our experience across both alternative and traditional asset classes to deliver advice in relation to a range of services such as strategic asset allocation, investment manager configuration and undertaking due diligence on investment funds and direct investments.

Based on your specific goals and risk preferences, we are able to assist clients to achieve their investment goals with tailored solutions via well researched products coupled with clearly enunciated strategic advice.

For example, many of our clients typically have existing material exposure to listed equity markets but are also patient investors with a long term investment horizon. We are able to utilise the specialised skill-sets and infrastructure of The SILC Group to help these investors in structuring a portfolio that may offer attributes such as:

  • Exposure to sources of return that are relatively lowly correlated to equity markets;
  • Potential to optimise returns by harvesting the illiquidity premium where appropriate; and
  • Access to investments or products that are not widely available

Given these constructs, there is often a focus on asset classes such as:

  • Credit Products – which may blend a senior loan debt fund with a more liquid corporate bond fund to provide a moderate risk income with less exposure to interest rate duration risk
  • Private Equity – where possible we would attempt to implement a private equity allocation via secondaries to limit the J-curve impact and where there may also be reasonable discounts to Net Asset Value on offer
  • Property – The SILC Group is able to draw on a range of external funds but also has a track record in originating bespoke property development transactions


Developing Investment Fund Products

The SILC Group holds a relevant Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 407100) and has experience partnering with different sponsors on a join venture basis to develop investment fund products. This participation has comprised involvement in all parts of the creation of a new fund offering including:

  • Assistance in developing the initial business plan and strategic advice
  • Developing the full suite of fund policies and supporting infrastructure
  • Writing the information memorandum
  • Managing the underlying investments
  • Appointing relevant service providers
  • Supporting business development activities
  • Providing wholesale trustee, custody and fund administration services

The SILC Group team have direct experience managing a range of asset classes including listed equities, fixed income, AREIT’s, private real estate, private equity, infrastructure and timberland, which adds significant value to our clients.

Please see our current investment opportunities on our New Opportunities page for information about our latest offering.