Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Market Insights

We understand that to make critical financial decisions, having the right economic and market knowledge is vital. That is why we provide up-to-date data from various trusted research providers, as well as providing our own insights at The SILC Group.

Current editions of SILC Insights:



Through our insight into various markets we are able to access unique or otherwise unattainable investment opportunities that are exclusive to The SILC Group. These opportunities can assist in de-risking, diversifying and enhancing returns in our clients’ investment portfolio, and are generally uncorrelated to traditional assets which can often increase the Sharpe ratio as well as add ‘Alpha’ to an investors portfolio.

Please see our New Opportunities page to view our current investment opportunities.

Market Entry

Amongst The SILC Group’s specialisations is the provision of assistance to clients seeking to raise their profiles and to gain entry into market segments or geographies not easily accessible. By partnering with The SILC Group a client has the  opportunity and ability to develop their capital base, market reach and/or to win deals and contracts. Not only can we guide clients through all aspects of market entry, we are also able to assist in the sourcing of suitable partners and investors.