Wholesale Clients

Wholesale Clients

Becoming a Client

By becoming a Wholesale Client with The SILC Group, you will have the ability to access distinctive investment opportunities, alternative funding structures and specialised financial services products and solutions particular to your unique needs. Whether you are a private, commercial or institutional client, The SILC Group specifically caters to discerning wholesale clients and their individual requirements, and we believe it is our privilege in doing so.

There are many benefits of being a client with The SILC Group, including:

• Service: we only deal with wholesale clients, so our approach and products reflect this.
• Alternatives: we provide you with more than just the traditional options, and offer a range of alternative and specialised financial product solutions.
• Coverage: we offer a very broad and comprehensive range of products catering to all your investment, lending and markets product needs.
• Convenience: client consolidated portfolios are available on-line through MySILC.
• Focussed: we are not aligned to any provider and therefore focus on the best outcome for the client.

To register as a Wholesale Client and certify that you meet the criteria, please download and complete this form.

If you are unsure whether you meet any of these criteria, please contact us.