The SILC Group specifically caters to Wholesale Private, Commercial and Institutional Clients. By being a Wholesale Client you will be able to access investment opportunities, funding solutions and specialised financial products that are generally not available to retail clients.

Broadly, a client will be wholesale as defined by the Corporations Act if they satisfy either one of the below threshold tests:

• Product value test: the value of the financial product or financial service is greater than $500,000
• Small business test: the consumer of the financial product or service is a business which is not a small business (i.e. a non-manufacturing business with more than 20 employees or a manufacturing business with more than 100 employees)
• The client satisfies either:
           Assets test – having net assets of more than $2.5 million; or
           Income test – having gross income of at least $250,000 per annum in each of the last two financial years
• Professional investor test: this includes Australian Financial Services Licensees, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority regulated bodies, trustees of public superannuation funds and persons controlling at least $10 million

Under section 761GA of the Corporations Act, clients who are unable to satisfy the above threshold tests may ask The SILC Group as an Australian Financial Services Licensee to certify them as a “sophisticated investor”. However, we must be satisfied that the clients has, amongst other things, sufficient financial literacy and the client must waive their right to certain consumer protections.

Please see the benefits of becoming a client or a product partner with The SILC Group.