Business Funding

Business Funding

Overdraft Facilities

Overdraft facilities provide working capital to meet your short-term business cash flows, are repayable by the Bank on demand and are normally provided for a period up to 12 months.

Invoice Finance

Funding debtors over the long-term is unsustainable for any business. Invoice finance allows a business to free up capital through its sales invoices, before the customer has made payment, by leveraging the value of its debtors, thereby providing a valuable cash injection.

With an invoice finance facility, a lender will advance you a proportion of the invoiced amount immediately after you have billed your customer. This can be achieved by using confidential invoice discounting where your customer need not be aware of the lender’s involvement. Alternatively you might prefer a factoring arrangement which both releases your cash and provides a credit control facility.

At The SILC Group, we are able to work with a number of invoice finance providers to source a solution which satisfies the needs of your business.  This is important as the offerings of each provider can be very different.

Trade Finance

Trade finance assists in funding imports, exports and international trade and usually co-exists alongside more traditional forms of funding like bank overdrafts and invoice finance. It can take a variety of forms including purchase finance, and also letters of credit which provide certainty of payment to a supplier subject to goods being

At The SILC Group, we can arrange and procure trade finance facilities to assist in funding:

• Trade finance for the import of finished goods
• Purchase finance to support the acquisition of finished goods against firm customer orders
• Purchase finance to support the acquisition of raw materials to use in the manufacturing process

We are also able to structure international trade finance for importers where we fund the entire trade cycle as long as they have a confirmed order from a reputable customer. This is typically mixed with an invoice finance facility which can enable you to take on large orders with confidence.