Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts

There are a substantial number of traditional managed funds across various asset classes and geographies available in the market place. For this reason, The SILC Group conducts its own research and also engages external research firms to independently undertake due-diligence, evaluate and research our selected funds according to our Wholesale Clients’ requirements. Managed investment asset classes include:

  • Cash
  • Fixed Income (Domestic and International)
  • Property (Domestic and International)
  • Equity (Domestic and International)
  • Alternatives

Research carried out covers asset managers that have different investment styles, are multi-sector or sector specific, have different legal structures and varying market capitalisation.

Our clients:

  • Are provided with in-depth research on all funds helping them to make informed investment decisions
  • Can still access the broad pool of managed funds
  • Can view their managed fund holdings with their other investments using MySILC