Alternative Assets

Alternative Assets

With a greater demand and growing emphasis from investors seeking investments that are uncorrelated to traditional asset classes, The SILC Group actively sources Alternative Investments that meet these needs of our professional and sophisticated Wholesale Clients, and have an ever increasing allocation of their investment portfolios to this asset class.

Many investors, while happy to invest in traditional products, look to diversify a portion of their portfolio into Alternative Assets. Alternative Investments can be used to reduce risk, enhance returns, provide additional diversification and improve the Sharpe ratio of an investors portfolio by introducing an investment with different characteristics to the other traditional investments within a portfolio.

Alternative Investments can include asset classes such as:

  • Private Equity: includes investments in unlisted companies directly or through a unit trust
  • Infrastructure: including investments in social and economic infrastructure
  • Hedge Funds: investment trusts that use strategies different to traditional funds such as by using derivatives or leverage
  • Commodities: includes investments in basic natural resources, agriculture, energy, hard and soft commodities
  • Private Credit: investing in senior or subordinated debt loans to borrowers
  • Currency: investments in various currencies either via futures or OTC contracts
  • Longevity: investments such as reverse mortgages, life tenancies and settlements
  • Global Macro: investing internationally on a large scale using broad global economic theory to underpin investment decisions
  • Legal and Litigation Funds: investment strategy using funds to finance law firms or cases and then share in case settlements
  • Special Situations: investments in event driven opportunities such as turnarounds, restructures, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and/or other special situations
  • High-Frequency Trading: funds that transact a large number of trades in any direction through the use of  computer driven algorithmic models
  • Agriculture: includes investments in agricultural land, primary production and processing
  • Unlisted Property: access to off-market direct property investment opportunities
  • Crytpo-currencies: investments in digital assets including tokens and altcoins

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