Value Proposition

Value Proposition

What we do

In any transaction The SILC Group acts in the capacity of advisor, arranger, structurer, manager, agent, dealer and/or distributor of investment assets, funding solutions and specialised financial products depending on our clients needs and requirements. With access to a diverse suite of products and services, we are able to provide alternative outcomes and distinctive solutions to our selected Wholesale Clients that are appropriate and relevant to their prerequisites.

Why we do it

Given the ever increasing demands from clients regarding the objectivity, choice and accessibility of specialist financial products and services, The SILC Group was established to address the expectations of our clients by autonomously providing convenient access to a broad range of financial products and solutions that are aligned to their specific and unique criteria.

Our focus

The SILC Group focuses specifically on the needs of Wholesale Private, Commercial and Institutional Clients through delivering alternative solutions that are complemented by traditional financial services products.

Our philosophy

Being non-aligned and self-directed allows The SILC Group to access high quality best-of-breed products and solutions for our clients in order to assist them in achieving their financial objectives.

At The SILC Group we feel that the combination of products and approach will provide a relevant, compelling, unique, distinctive and differentiated value proposition to our clients by being:

  • Alternative: we can offer alternative opportunities and solutions that clients cannot find through regular providers.
  • Convenient: we offer a range of products that are not found through any one regular provider, and enables our clients to deal with a single point of contact.
  • Focussed: we are not aligned to any provider and therefore will always focus on the best outcome for the client.
  • Specialists: we only deal with Wholesale Clients and our products and approach reflect this.
  • Multi-faceted: we provide a range of investment, lending and specialised financial solutions.
  • Choice: we offer our clients the regular range of products too.