Our Principles

Our Principles


Our vision is for The SILC Group to be a trusted and preferred partner of alternative and traditional financial services and solutions to Wholesale Private, Commercial and Institutional Clients; and be a recognised leader for doing so.


Our mission at The SILC Group is to objectively provide Wholesale Private, Commercial and Institutional clients with financial products and solutions that are focussed specifically to meet their unique criteria and objectives.


The SILC Group’s corporate values define who we are and how we interact with others, which we value and seek to demonstrate through:

  • Integrity: always doing the right thing and ensuring we deliver on our promise.
  • Creativity: following the crowd isn’t always the best approach; look for alternatives.
  • Courage: be willing to stand by alternatives when we believe that they are a good solution.
  • Diversity: we value diversity of ideas and thinking outside the square.
  • Insight: having knowledge that is ahead of the curve.


The SILC Group’s corporate culture is underpinned by its core values, and can be characterised as:

  • Different: continually seeking ways to differentiate ourselves from and being unlike those in the market place.
  • Leading Edge: having foresight in our nature and being vanguards in our approach.
  • Innovative: exploring ways to remain compelling and relevant through continuous improvement.
  • Balanced: balancing life with work and having this approach with our clients too.
  • Entrepreneurial: always looking for new opportunities to add value to clients through which we can explore and grow together.



We value our people at The SILC Group coming from diverse backgrounds and having a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience that our Wholesale Clients will find invaluable. We are however, fundamentally aligned in ensuring that our approach with our clients is consistent yet individual and structured according to their goals and objectives. Most importantly, we want to understand our clients first so that we have the knowledge to meet their needs.